Anna Griffin Elegant Paper Crafting Class 401A
Anna Griffin Elegant Paper Crafting Class 401
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Class #407 Red Carpet Treatment
For Best results please read all instructions before beginning the class.  Square brackets [ ] indicate notes from OakLeaf Acre.

Come make a page with Sloane, whose modern but feminine palette of red and black is perfect for any festive occasion.  You’ll use an innovative, ribbon-like folding technique with paper and brads to showcase your journaling and make a paper flower to garnish photos, souvenirs, or other keepsakes. 

3 Sheets AG1078 Red Lattice
2 Sheets AG1069 Black Lattice
2 Sheets AG1073 Black Engraving
1 Sheet AG1075 Black Batik
1 Sheet AG561 Sloane die cut
4 Red Brads 
1 Sheet 8 1/2” x 11" Ivory Cardstock
1 Envelope

Supplies for Class 407 red Carpet treatment
Tools: Scissors or craft knife and mat, Adhesive, Foam adhesive, Ruler, Pencil Scoring tool, Hole punch
Left Page
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Class 407 Left Page
Red Carpet Treatment
Class #407
Step 1
Use a sheet of AG1078 as the background. Trim a sheet of AG1069 to 9 3/4" square. (Save the trimmed pieces [Two 1X12 pieces.] for the right hand page.) Adhere to the center of the background page. Trim a piece of AG1073 to 9 1/2" square and adhere to the center to the AG1069 piece.
Step 2
Cut a 7" square of AG1069 and adhere it to the center of the AG1073. (Save remainder for the card.)
Step 3
To make the flower: Begin with a 1" square of ivory cardstock. [We suggest cutting the cardstock for the card first to insure there is enough.] This will become the base of your flower. Cut six, 1 1/2" square pieces of AG1075 and six, 1 1/2" squares of AG1078. Fold each square as follows to make the flower petals.
Fold the square of paper in half vertically and unfold. Fold each of the top corners down to the centerfold line. Fold each side to meet the middle fold line. Finally, bring the corners up and over the fold line slightly to make a tapered point.
Adhere these petals to the ivory square of cardstock to make a symmetrical flower, beginning with the red petals and then layering the black petals on top. Add a red fabric brad to the center.
Attach flower to the page as shown.

Click image for a larger picture.
Class 407 Right Page
Red Carpet Treatment
Class #407
Step 1
Use a sheet of AG1073 as the background for the page.
From a sheet of AG1078, cut two, 4 1/2" x 6 1/2" photo mats and a 5" x 2 3/4" piece for matting the journaling. Cut a 4 1/2" x 2 1/4" piece of ivory cardstock. Adhere ivory cardstock to the piece of AG1078.
Step 2
Measure and mark a line that is 3/8" in from the side and 1" long on each of the narrow sides of this block. Cut through all the layers along these lines.[Make your marks 3/8 in from the edge of the red paper, and start cutting your 1 slit 7/8 in from either side.]
Step 3
407-018 407-019
407-020 Take trimmed pieces of AG1069 from step 1 of the left page and trim them to 1" wide strips. [Use the two 1X12 strips you saved from the left page.] Fold each strip back on itself to make two-sided strips of paper. Measure and score each of these pieces 1 1/4 from one end [the folded end] of each strip. Trim the folded back end to a point. Punch through the folded back layer and the main strip to place a brad to secure the folded flap, but don't place the brad yet.
Step 4
407-021 407-022 407-023
407-024 407-025 Thread the folded back ends of the paper through the slits you cut in the matted journaling block. Use brads to secure the tabs in place onto the main strip. Attach this strip to the main page.
Step 5
407-026 Add photo mats to the page.
Card Instructions
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Class 407 Card
Red Carpet Treatment
Class #407 Card
Step 1
407-028 Cut a piece of ivory cardstock to 9" x 6 1/4". Score and fold the cardstock in half to make a 4 1/2" x 6 1/4" card.
Step 2
Cover the upper section of the card with a 3 x 9" piece of AG1078. Cover the lower section of the card with a 3 x 9" piece of AG1069. (This should remain from step 2 of the left page.) [CAUTION] Adhere only the edges of the AG1069 to the card, so that it will make a pocket for the tag.
Step 3
Cut a 1 1/4 x 9" strip of AG1073. Adhere this the top of the AG1069 piece, wrapping around the card.
Step 4
Add die cuts to the pocket front with foam adhesive.
Step 5
Cut a tag shape from remaining ivory cardstock. [You should have a piece 3.5X2.25] Mat the tag with AG1075 [cut 2.5X3.75] , leaving about a 1/8" border around the tag visible.
Step 6
407-037 Add a red brad to the tag top and insert the tag into the card.
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