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  Class #408 Life of the Party
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Lemons and cherries are always in season in Elsie’s Kitchen! Fresh fruit, red checks and black gingham add casual whimsy to July’s warm-weather appeal. With layering, garlands and a double-fold pocket, this month’s layout is perfect for showcasing picnics, garden parties or other summer festivities. You’ll also use coordinating papers to create a card that celebrates summer’s more romantic side….

2 Sheets AG1038 Elsie’s Kitchen Cherries
2 Sheets AG1042 Elsie’s Kitchen Black Check
1 Sheet AG1035 Elsie’s Kitchen Yellow Lines
1 Sheet AG1039 Elsie’s Kitchen Red Check
1 Sheet AG1041 Elsie’s Kitchen Red Alphabet
2 Sheets AG1034 Elsie’s Kitchen Lemons
1 DE203 Elsie’s Kitchen Fruit Garland
1 Sheet 8 1/2"x 11" Ivory Cardstock
1 Envelope

Class 408 Supplies
Tools: Scissors or craft knife and mat, Adhesive, Foam adhesive, Ruler Pencil Scoring tool
Left Page
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Class 408 Left Page
Class #408
Life of the Party
Step 1
Cut 11"wide x 11-1/2"long piece AG1038. Adhere to background sheet AG1042 along the bottom edge with 1/2" border on the other three sides.
Step 2
408-002 408-003 408-004
To make the double pocket, fold AG1035 in half, right sides together. Fold one long edge back to the fold so that the yellow pattern is showing.
Fold the other long edge back
1-1/2" (to the top of the previous fold.)
408-005 408-006 408-007
Keep folded and cut through all layers to make the pocket piece 11" long. Adhere sides and lower edge together. Adhere along the sides and the bottom edge only to the lower edge of the page to make the pocket. The yellow folds are the tops of the pockets.
Step 3
408-009 Cut six, 3/8"x 12" strips AG1039 by cutting in the center of the ivory between the red squares on the paper. Set two aside for the second page. Adhere the remaining strips to each side 3/8" from the edge of the page.
Step 4
Cut a 14" section of the ribbon garland with two sets of cherries and lemons on the garland. [Be sure to cut your ribbon the 14 and 13 for the right page, in order to have the right length of ribbon for the card.] Adhere diecuts to the page along the first pocket, spacing the cherries and the lemons across the page. Wrap the ends of the ribbon to the back of the page and adhere.
Step 5
408-012 Cut the letters for the title from AG1041. Adhere to page with pop dots.
Step 6
Photo mats: Cut two, 4 1/4"x 6 1/4" pieces AG1034. Add photos and insert in pockets.
Right Page
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Class 408 Right page
Class #408
Life of the Party
Step 1
Cut a 4"x 12" strip AG1042. Adhere down the center of the background sheet AG1034. Adhere red strips (set aside from left page) overlapping the edges of the check strip
Step 2
408-016 Cut a 13" section of ribbon garland with one set of cherries and lemons. Center and adhere diecuts to page. Wrap ends of ribbon to the back of the page and adhere. Cut flower sections from AG1041 and adhere with pop dots.
Step 3
408-018 Photo mats: Cut three, 4"x 6 1/4" pieces AG1038. Add photos. Center one mat and adhere. Adhere the other two mats at an angle and trim excess paper from sides.
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Class 408 Card
Class #408
Life of the Party
Step 1
Cut ivory cardstock and AG1042 to 10"x 7". Fold in half to make a 5"x 7" card. [Cut one 10X7 piece of AG1042.] Cover cardstock with paper and adhere.
Step 2
Cut letters from AG1041. Adhere to front to make a rectangle. Cut two, 3/8"x 5" strips from AG1039, cutting in the center of the ivory as before. Adhere above and below letters.
Step 3
Center lemons and cherries on remaining ribbon garland. Tie a knot next to the outer edge of the lemons. Adhere die cuts to the card.
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