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  Class #417 Razzle, Dazzle, Twinkle & Twizzle
For Best results please read all instructions before beginning the class. Square brackets [ ] indicate notes from OakLeaf Acre.
The swirls and twirls of Bailey’s gleeful paisley prints and candy colored gifts will bring the holidays to life. Wrap your memories with paper bows topped off with fabric brads and pages bordered in banner-style paper ribbons.

1 sheet AG1112 Bailey Presents
1 sheet AG1113 Bailey Twizzle
2 sheets AG1114 Bailey Stripe
1 sheet AG1115 Bailey
Paisley Holiday
1 sheet AG1116 Bailey
Holly Lime
2 sheets AG1117 Bailey
Harlequin Lime
1 Die Cut AG567 Bailey
Holly Diecut
1 EM600 Tag
1 pink fabric button brad
1 lime green fabric button brad
1 red fabric button brad
1 sheet 12" x 12" ivory cardstock
4-6 mini pop dots for die cut
5" x 7" envelope

AGEPC415 Supplies
Tools: Pencil, Scissors, Decorative Scissors, Adhesive
Left Page
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Class #417
Razzle, Dazzle, Twinkle & Twizzle
Step 1

Cut up one sheet of AG1114 into two sets of strips:

Strip 1- Cut along the ivory strip on each side of the pink strip making nine pink strips (there should be a thin ivory stripe on each side of the pink stripe)

Strip 2 - Cut along the lime green strip making ten 3/4" wide strips with lime green/thin stripe of white on both sides.

Step 2
Make a border for the edges of each background page using 8 of the pink/white strips. Adhere each strip to AG1117 about 3/8" from each of the four sides of the page. Each strip will cross over at each corner. Do this to both pages of AG1117.
Step 3
Next you will make the gift “boxes” for each page. Take AG1115 and make a 4" x 8" mat, take AG1113 and make a 6" x 5" mat, take AG1116 and make a 4" x 4 1/2" mat and last, take AG1112 and make a 9 1/2" x 9 1/2" square mat.
Step 4
Next you will make the gift “boxes” for each page. Take AG1115 and make a 4" x 8" mat, take AG1113 and make a 6" x 5" mat, take AG1116 and make a 4" x 4 1/2" mat and last, take AG1112 and make a 9 1/2" x 9 1/2" square mat.  [Adhere boxes to appropriate pages.]
Step 5
Banner Bows
You will need to make two of these, one for each page. Make a flat, banner style bow for the bottom of each page by first cutting a V-shaped wedge out of each end of the strip to make it look like a bow tail. Then fold each strip in half just so you can mark the center for reference.
Then unfold the strip and turn it print side down. Hold down the center with one finger and then fold each end back to the center fold mark to make a “Z” shape that will make bringing the outer folds to the center fold, making the loops of the bow. This is the same way you make a banner.
Flatten out the bow and adhere it together in the center. Cut a 2" long piece of one of the lime green/white 3/4" strip and wrap it around the center of the bow (this will look like the knot of the bow) adhere together on the back.
Take bow and adhere it to the center of the pink stripe border along the bottom of the page. Repeat all steps for the second bow for the other page.
Step 6
Make the pink loop gift bow for the paisley gift by cutting 2 pink strips in half (6" long.) Bring the ends together and adhere, overlapping 1/2". Make four of these “chain links,” they will act as the bow loops.
Flatten each “chain link loop” slightly. The loops will be about 2 1/2" long. Overlap two loops in the center, making a plus sign. Adhere together. Add remaining strips to make an X in between the plus sign. Adhere together
Make a hole in the center for the brad. Insert brad.
Adhere bow to the paisley gift with a strong adhesive.
Step 7
Make the striped bow for the pink twinkle gift by cutting ten 4" lengths [If you look closely, you will see that you will only need nine 4" strips.] of the lime green/white 3/4" wide strips. Also cut three 5" lengths of the lime green/white 3/4" wide strips.
Apply adhesive to one end of the printed side of a strip. Bring the right side of the strip to the adhesive end of the strip and align the ends at a right angle, making a loop that is reminiscent of the shape of a shirt collar NOT a “chain link loop” as in the above step. The right side of the paper will be facing out.
Flatten the loop slightly. Repeat for all strips.
Start making the bow in the center, overlapping the ends of three of the 4" loops and adhere together, making a “triangle.”
Adhere the 5" loops to each “corner” of the triangle.
Make a hole through all layers and insert the brad in the center.
Use a strong adhesive to adhere the remaining loops around the outer edges of the bow. Use a glue dots to adhere to the top of the pink twinkle gift.
Step 8
Make the pink twinkle bow for the 9 1/2" x 9 1/2" square by cutting three 3/4" wide strips from AG1113. Cut the strips into 4" lengths.
Make eight loops for the bow by adhering the ends together so it makes more of a “teardrop” shaped loop (it will look similar to the “shirt collar” shape but elongated). Flatten the loops slightly. The loops for this bow will face down.
Overlap the ends of four loops in the center to make a 3 1/2" wide bow. Adhere together. Add four more loops in between each loop, adhering in the center.
Make a hole in the center through all layers and insert brad. Adhere to the center of the 9 1/2" x 9 1/2" square gift where the lime green/white strips cross in the middle.
Step 9
Punch out die cuts. Cut large holly die cut in half to make two pieces. Assemble die cut with mini pop dots. Adhere to the top of the AG1116 gift in an “arch” shape.
Step 10
Adhere the tag to the paisley gift.
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Class #417 Razzle, Dazzle, Twinkle & Twizzle
Step 1
Cut cardstock and AG1116 to 12" x 4 1/2".
Score 3" from each end. Fold ends in to make a 6" x 4 1/2" card. This is a “gate” type of fold in the front.
Adhere the holly paper covering the entire outside of the cardstock.
Step 2
Wrap two 3/4" wide lime green/white strips from AG1114 to the card lengthwise (one on top, one on bottom) 1/4" from both edges and adhere.

[Caron chose to adhere pink strips to the edges of AG1113 and use as a guideline to cut scalloped edges.  Adhere to card.]

Cut two 4 1/2" long
pieces of the pink/white strips. (You may
have run out of these by now and may have
to cut up a couple). Adhere the pink/white
strips along the front gatefold edges of the
card.  Then cut the remaining AG1113
pink twinkle piece into 4 1/2" long strips
with decorative scissors and adhere along
side the pink/white 3/4" stripes on the front
gatefold edges of the card.

Step 3

Adhere die cuts only on the left side of the front gatefold.


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