Anna Griffin Elegant Paper Crafting Class 401A
Anna Griffin Elegant Paper Crafting Class 401
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  Class #506 Bragging Rights

For Best results please read all instructions before beginning the class.  Square brackets [ ] indicate notes from OakLeaf Acre.

This clever Binder Brag Book, is a fun way to learn a new book binding technique. Mackenzie’s adorable little animals adorn the cover and ultra cool dome stickers are used to create decorative page tabs. This handmade album is also the perfect way to say “Happy Father’s Day” to Dad, Uncle or Grandpa.

1 sheet AG1166 Animal Print
1 sheet AG1167 Green Paisley
1 sheet AG1168 Orange Paisley
1 sheet AG1171 Blue Paisley
1 sheet AG1172 Blue and Green Check
1 package DE713 Mackenzie Epoxy Stickers
3 sheets 12" x 12" cardstock
1 Blue Satin ribbon
6" x 12" chipboard

300 X 131 Product included in Kit
Tools: Ruler, Pencil, Scoring tool, Hole punch (an anywhere hole punch works best), Craft knife or paper cutter (must be able to cut chipboard), Scissors, Glue/glue stick, Foam adhesive,
Temporary adhesive (optional)
Left Page
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Class #506 Bragging Rights
Step 1
Cut the chipboard into three pieces: one, 3/4" x 6" piece and two, 5 1/4" x 6" pieces. Lay them on the table with the larger pieces on either side of the smaller. This is how they will be used in the album.
Step 2
Cut a 4 3/4" x 7" piece of AG1172 Blue and Green Check. Center the 3/4" wide piece of chipboard on the back side of the paper and mark it with a pencil.
Remove it, apply glue within the pencil outline area and then place the chipboard on the glue.
Flip the paper over and smooth it out to be sure you have an attractive spine. Flip the wrong side of the paper back up.
Step 3
Place your ruler so that it butts up against the short side of the chipboard. In this step, you're going to add the larger pieces of chipboard to be the covers; the ruler keeps your pieces straight. Apply glue to the paper above the ruler on one side.
Adhere one of the larger pieces of chipboard there, but keep the side of the piece about 1/8" away from the spine. This will let the album fold neatly when it's finished. Repeat this step with the other cover.
Fold the extra paper at the top and bottom of the album down and adhere it to the inside of the album.
Step 4

Cut two 7" x 4 1/2" pieces of AG1171 Blue Paisley. Turn one piece face down. Place one of the covers face down (face down means the covered spine you will face the table) on this piece, leave about 1/2" of paper at the top, bottom and one side. Pencil in these positions so you know where to glue again.
Remove the cover, apply glue with in pencil lines and stick down cover.
Turn it over, smooth the cover and then flip it back over. Fold the corners of the paper over the chipboard covers. Glue in place. Bring the top, bottom and side edges over and glue in place. Repeat this step with the other cover and the other sheet of AG1171 Blue Paisley.
Step 5

Cut a 5 3/4" x 11 1/2" piece of AG1172 Blue and Green Check. Apply it to the inside of the covers with glue.

Try to be sure that the paper is gently smoothed into the gaps between the chipboard pieces; this makes the whole piece strong and will help cover it smoothly.
Step 6
Measure and mark two spots on the spine; each should be 1 1/2" from the center of the spine. Punch holes at these marks. These holes are part of the binding for the album.
Step 7
For the cover decoration, cut four 1/4" x 6" pieces of AG1168 Orange Paisley and two 1/2" x 6" pieces of AG1167 Green Paisley. Apply one piece of AG1167 Green Paisley to the cover on the seem of the blue paisley and AG1172 Blue and Green Check. Add the strip of AG1168 Orange Paisley to either side of the paisley strip. Repeat for the other cover.
Step 8
Cut one lion and one lion head with mane from the sheet of AG1166 Animal Print. From the same sheet of AG1166 Animal Print, cut out a ladybug. Layer the cut out head over the larger lion to make your own 3-D die cut. Adhere these to the front cover as shown.
Step 9
Cut a 2" x 2 1/2" piece of ivory cardstock and a 2 1/4" x 2 3/4" piece of AG1167 Green Paisley. Mat the ivory cardstock with the Green Paisley.

Adhere these to the front cover as shown.


Click image for a larger picture.
Class #506 Bragging Rights
Steps 1 & 2
Cut six 5 3/4" x 10" pieces of ivory cardstock.
Fold each piece in half leaving the finished size 5 3/4" x 5". Unfold the pieces and stack them together. Now, fold the entire stack at one time. You'll notice that the edges of the pages are no longer even. Score the middle gently so they fold flat as they can. Don't worry if it's not perfect - many of these pages will be getting an edge treatment. (If the pages that are not given the edge treatment still look off when the album is complete, you can trim those edges with decorative scissors.)
Step 3
Position this stack in place inside the album; the pages are slightly shorter than the album so be sure to center them. Mark the paper to show where the holes are in the cover.
Step 4
Punch holes through all the sheets of paper at the marks you just made. These holes should be right on the fold line.
Step 5
Thread ribbon through the holes in the page stack. Then, thread the ends of the ribbon through the cover. Pull the ribbon to make sure the pages are snuggly in the album and tie the ribbon with a bow.
Step 1
Cut two 12" x 1" pieces from each of the following: AG1167 Green Paisley, AG1168 Orange Paisley, AG1171 Blue Paisley. Fold each of these pieces in half so that the piece seems to be 6" x 1". These pieces will be attached to every other page in the album.
On the front page, lay the orange paper strip right up against the edge of the page. Close the book to be sure that the piece doesn't stick out of the album; if it does, move the piece back until it is just inside the album. Adhere it in place.
Trim excess orange paper. Use the strips on every other page.
Step 2
Adhere the epoxy domes to make page tabs  
First adhere one to the very edge of the first page at the top of outer edge of the orange strip. Be sure it sticks out enough when the book is closed. When you've got the position fixed, back that dome with another dome.

[To position the tabs, we started on the fifth page in.  After marking the center of the page edge, I added that pages tab just above the center mark.  This way your tabs come out a little more even.  In order to fit all the tabs along the edge, they will need to slightly overlap each other.  I also picked out the tabs that I liked best and put them in the order I wanted to.  Actually, the little ladybug on the front was suppose to be a pink one but I chose blue.]

Continue, adhering domes to each of the paper edges pages you created.


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