Anna Griffin Elegant Paper Crafting Class 401A
Anna Griffin Elegant Paper Crafting Class 401
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  Class # 508 It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts

For Best results please read all instructions before beginning the class.  Square brackets [ ] indicate notes from OakLeaf Acre.

Never judge a book by it‚s cover. This saying holds true for LuLu’s pretty little gift box. It looks small from the outside but open it up and you’ll get a big, fold-out, photo surprise! Simply adorable for a baby shower or first birthday gift – you can even fit a small gift item inside.

1 sheet AG1122 Big Flowers
1 sheet AG1123 Pink Floral Rows
1 sheet AG1124 Pink Bandanna
1 sheet AG1126 Green Floral Strips
1 sheet AG1127 Lulu Quilt
DE111 LuLu Ribbon Pack
2 sheets 12" x 12" ivory cardstock

300 X 131 Product included in Kit
Tools: Scissors or craft knife and mat, Ruler, Pencil, Scoring tool
Left Page
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Box Lid
Class # 508
It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts
Step 1
Take the piece of AG1122 Big Flowers and turn it face down on the table. Lightly draw diagonal lines from corner to corner to find the true center of the paper.
Step 2
Fold in the corners of the paper so they touch the center. Crease the paper sharply.
Step 3
Fold in each side to the center and crease sharp.
[In order to make enough fold marks to use the cutting chart below, you will need to fold in two opposite sides one extra time.] Unfold all of the folds.
Step 4

Make four cuts according to diagram. Note that you cut on the two opposite sides of the paper.

Click diagram for a larger image.

Step 5

Fold the sides you did not cut to build up one side of the box lid. Repeat on the opposite side. Adhere in place.

Step 6
On the two remaining flaps, fold them up and over to make the last two sides.
Card Instructions
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The Pages
Class # 508
It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts

Steps 1 & 2
Use the 12 x 12 cardstock sheets to make the insides of the box. Trim one sheet to 11 1/2" x 11 1/2"; leave the other sheet the original size.
On each sheet of cardstock, measure up four inches from each side of the cardstock. Score a line across the paper. Repeat this on all sides. The scores will end up a “tic tac toe” grid across the entire sheet.
Step 3
Cut out the four corner squares on each piece of cardstock. This will leave you with two sheets of cardstock shaped like a cross. The larger forms the outside of the box and the smaller forms the inside.
Steps 4 & 5
Cover the outside of the larger sheet of cardstock with a sheet of AG1126 Green Floral Strips. Be sure to crease the paper where the creases are in the cardstock.
Step 6
Cover the inside of the larger sheet of cardstock with 4" x 4" pieces of AG1124 Pink Bandanna. Using smaller pieces of the paper to cover the inside of the cardstock keeps the paper from getting crushed in the fold of the flap.
Step 7
Cut four 3 1/2" squares from AG1126 Green Floral Stripes. Adhere them to the inside of the flaps as photo mats.
Step 8
In the bottom of the larger box section, locate the center. about 1/2" out from each side of the center, cut two 1" slits in the box.
Step 9
Using the whole length of the wide pink ribbon thread the ribbon from the outside of the box through one slit and then back to the outside through the other slit. Make sure there is an equal length of ribbon extending from each side of the box.
Steps 10 & 11
Cover the outside of the smaller sheet of cardstock with a sheet of AG1123 Pink Floral Rows.
From remaining sheet of AG1124 Pink Bandanna, cut four 3 1/2" x 3" pieces as photo mats. Adhere them to the AG1123 Pink Floral Rows flaps.
Step 12
Cover the inside of the smaller sheet of cardstock with any squares you want from the sheet of AG1127 Lulu Quilt. Trim excess as needed for a good fit. Cut two 3 1/2" x 3" mats from leftover ivory cardstock and cut two 3 1/2" x 3" mats from leftover AG1123 Pink Floral Rows. Adhere these to the inner flaps of the sheet.
Step 13
Cut the narrow green ribbon into four strips about 9" long each.
Step 14
Wrap each piece around the smaller inside flaps and trim excess. Use the excess to wrap around one end of the ribbon. When this end is laid on top of the rough end, the piece will look finished and professional.
Step 15
Cut a 3 1/2" square piece of ivory cardstock. [I cut my piece 3" so the background paper would make a nice border.]   Adhere it to the bottom center of the smaller set of flaps.

Cut two 1" squares from the a leftover portion of the AG1127 Lulu Quilt. Cut these pieces on the diagonal to make two triangles from each square. Adhere them as though they were photo corners to the bottom ivory cardstock.

Mouse over the image to zoom in.

Step 16
Adhere the smaller set of flaps to the larger set, adhering it only under the center section.
Fold the sides of the box up and cover them with the lid.

Tie the pink ribbon into a nice bow.


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