Anna Griffin Elegant Paper Crafting Class 401A
Anna Griffin Elegant Paper Crafting Class 401
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  Class #511 Glamour Shots

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Just like your closest girlfriends, Evelyn is sweet, sassy and tre chic all rolled into one. Her deep pinks, corals and oranges are easy to coordinate and are the perfect compliment for a stylish girls night out. The fun, mini-album that you add to the layout means even more space for your favorite glamour shots.

2 sheets AG1132 Evelyn Deep Spirograph
1 sheet AG1133 Evelyn Stripe
2 sheets AG1134 Evelyn Deep Leaves & Berries
2 sheets AG1136 Evelyn Dotted Vines
1 sheet AG1138 Evelyn Pale Pink Leaves & Berries
1 sheet AG1139 Evelyn Bubble Gum Pink Spirograph
1 sheet AG1140 Evelyn Paisley
1 sheet 8 1/2" x 11" ivory cardstock
DE214 Friend Garland
1/2 sheet of Evelyn Die Cut Flowers
1 yard ivory seam binding ribbon
1 Envelope 4 1/2" x 6 1/4"

300 X 131 Product included in Kit
Tools: Mini pop dots, 1/4" hole punch, Decorative edge scissors (scallop and cloud)
Left Page
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Class #511 Glamour Shots
Step 1
Draw a line on the back of AG1134, 1" from each of the four sides. Use the lines as a guide to cut around the sheet with decorative scissors. Center and adhere to background sheet AG1140.
Step 2
Cut one 9" x 12" piece from each AG1136, AG1132, AG1139, and AG1138. Fold and adhere all in half to make 9" x 6" pages for the album. Cut a 2" x 6" stripe from the outer edge of AG1133. Fold in half lengthwise.
Place pages inside the fold and punch three holes for ribbon 1/4" from the left edge through all layers.
Cut ribbon into three pieces and tie a bow in each hole. Cut a 6" x 4" piece AG1132 and adhere to cover. Assemble the die cuts and adhere to cover.
Adhere album to page.
Step 3
Cut two flowers from AG1132 and three flowers from AG1139. Cut five small circle “flowers" from AG1136 and adhere to flower centers with pop dots.

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Class #511 Glamour Shots
Step 1
To make the border strip, cut a 2" stripe from the other edge of AG1133.
Adhere to AG1132 and cut 1/4" from the stripe with decorative scissors. (I draw a line and cut along the line.)
Adhere to a 12" x 3" strip AG1138. (mouse over image to Zoom) Adhere to background sheet AG1134, 1/2" from top edge.
Step 2
Adhere the ends of the banner on the border.
(mouse over image to Zoom)
Cut two flowers from AG1132. Adhere to each end with circle center as on first page.
Step 3
Cut three 3 3/4" x 6" pieces AG1136. Adhere to page 1 1/2" from the lower edge. Cut out two red flowers and one pink flower from paper with centers as on first page. Adhere to the lower edge of the photo mats.
Card Instructions
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Class #511 Glamour Shots
Step 1
Cut a 9" x 6 1/4" piece from ivory cardstock and AG1138 Fold in half to make a 4 1/2" x 6 1/4" card.
Adhere paper to the outside of the cardstock.
Step 2
Cut two strips 2" x 6 1/4" from AG1132, AG1138, and AG1139. Cut two strips 1 3/4" x 6 1/4" from AG1136.
Fold all strips in half lengthwise and adhere closed.
Step 3
Place adhesive only along the cut edge and adhere strips overlapping with the folds facing out on the left side and facing out on the right side with about 3/8" of each strip showing.
Step 4

Cut a 1" x 6 1/4" strip from AG1133 with the dark peach stripe in the center. Cut the peach paper along both sides of the stripe with decorative scissors

Adhere to the center of the card. Add die cut flower with pop dot and a cardstock sentiment on front if you wish. Done!
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