Anna Griffin Elegant Paper Crafting Class 401A
Anna Griffin Elegant Paper Crafting Class 401
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  Class # 514 A Glamorous Gift

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Add a handmade touch to a special gift by creating a beautiful package sure to be remembered. This Dorothy gift bag is a fashionable mix of yesterday’s vintage fabric dressed in today’s trendy hues of jet black and hot pink -- simply chic to give your favorite glamour gal on a celebratory occasion.

1 sheet AG1143 Embroidered Black
2 sheets AG1148 Black and White Roses
2 sheets AG1151 Pink Brocade
DE113 Dorothy Ribbon pack
1/2 sheet of Dorothy die cuts
3" x 8" piece of chipboard
1 sheet 8 1/2" x 11" ivory cardstock

Tools: Adhesive, Ruler, Pencil, Scissors or craft knife and mat, 1/4" hole punch, Scoring tool, Foam adhesive, Decorative scissors
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Class # 514 A Glamorous Gift
Step 1
Cover the 3" x 8" piece of chipboard with a 7" x 9" piece of AG1151 Pink Brocade to make the bottom of the bag. To do this, adhere the chipboard to the center of the backside of the decorative paper. Fold each side of the paper, one at a time, over the chipboard, press it to crease and unfold.
Remove the extra paper from the corners of the Pink Brocade paper. Fold and adhere remaining sides of the paper over the uncovered side of the chipboard
The side with the flaps of paper visible is facing upwards.
Step 2
Cut two 8" x 8" pieces of AG1148 Black and White Roses; cut them so the pieces are centered on the paper and the top edge of the rose piece is the top edge of the cut sheet. Score each sheet 1" up from the bottom of each sheet, across the paper.
Step 3
Cut two 8" x 4" pieces of AG1143 Embroidered Black. Score each so when folded each piece will be 8" x 2".
Adhere each to the top of each piece of AG1148 Black and White Roses, with one half of the paper on the front and the other half on the back of the paper.
Step 4
Cut two 1/2" x 8" wide strips of AG1151 Pink Brocade. (Optional, cut them with decorative scissors.)
Step 5

Adhere the scored flap at the bottom of each sheet of AG1148 Black and White Roses to the bottom of the bag, with the ends on top of the chipboard bottom.

Step 6

Cut two 7" x 4" pieces of AG1151 Pink Brocade. Score in the center of the sheet and 1/2" in from each side. Fold them in an accordion fold manner, with the center fold making a valley.

Adhere those 1/2" tabs to the inner edges of the bag fronts (black and white rose).
Step 7
For the handles, punch two holes on each side of the bag, 1" down from the top edge and 4" apart measured on center.
Cut two 18" lengths of black ribbon. Tie a knot in one end and thread it from the inside of the bag to the outside.
Fold the unknotted end through the other hole from the outside to the inside and knot it. Repeat for the other side.
Step 8
For the gift tag, cut a 3" x 5" piece of ivory cardstock. Then cut off two corners to make the angled corners, measure 3/4" from both sides of the top two corners.
Mat the tag with a piece of AG1143 Embroidered Black by adhering the tag to the paper; trim the paper around the tag leaving 1/8" of decorative paper showing. Then, back the AG1143 Embroidered Black with a piece of AG1151 Pink Brocade. So the back of the entire tag is Pink and if you look at he front of the tag, it is a cardstock tag with a Black Brocade border.
Step 9
Add the die cuts to the tag at the bottom with foam adhesive. Use more foam adhesive to add the duplicate images to the main image. Punch a hole in the top of the tag and thread it with a 6" piece of the white ribbon with black stitching.


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