Anna Griffin Elegant Paper Crafting Class 401A
Anna Griffin Elegant Paper Crafting Class 401
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  Class # 520 Traveler’s Treasure

For Best results please read all instructions before beginning the class.  Square brackets [ ] indicate notes from OakLeaf Acre.

The most fun treasures to bring home from a trip are the souvenirs you can’t “shop” for; ticket stubs, snapshots, foreign stamps and currency, make wonderful mementos. Create clever little pockets, an oversized tag and even a 12" x12" fold out page all tucked into a gorgeous 6" x 6" mini book with Blythe’s collage and travel inspired decorative papers.

1 sheet AG1199 Blue Shells
1 sheet AG1191 Purple Flowers
1 sheet AG1192 Flower Packs
1 sheet AG1200 Butterflies
1 sheet AG1024 Gray Flourish
1 sheet AG1197 Rust/White floral
1 sheet AG1198 Map
1 sheet 12" x 12" Ivory Cardstock
1 sheet 8 1/2" x 11" Ivory Cardstock
2 Sheets AG1205 Solid Pink
1/2 sheet AG 1196 Tickets
4 sheet protectors 6" x 6"
DT121 Rub On Art
38" 4000-24GRE
green ribbon
4 Foam squares

Tools: Adhesive (i.e., glue stick, tape runner, double stick tape), Scissors, 12" Paper Trimmer, Hole Punch

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Class # 520

Traveler’s Treasure

Step 1
Cut a 7" x 6 1/2" piece ivory cardstock and AG1205 (solid pink). Adhere together.
Score and fold 3/4" from the left edge to make the binding.
Use the middle hole of the top and bottom three holes a page protector as a pattern to punch two holes in the binding edge of the cover.
Step 2
Cut a 1" x 6 1/2" strip AG1200 (butterflies) and adhere next to the fold. Cut a 1/2" x 6 1/2" strip AG1196 (tickets) and adhere over that edge.
Step 3
Rub the motif from the rub on art sheet onto the cover, aligning the right edge. Rub on the “Collector” sentiment. Set cover aside.
Page 1
This page has a flap that lifts up to reveal a 6" x 12" page, which opens to a full 12" x 12" page.
Step 1
Fold AG1198 (map) in half vertically with the pattern on the inside. With the fold on the right, fold in half again, bringing the top edge toward you to the bottom edge. Unfold the sheet and cut along the fold from the bottom up to the center.
Step 2
Fold the sheet in half vertically again on the previous fold. To cover this half sheet that is facing you, cut a 6" x 12" piece AG1191 (purple floral). Adhere with wrong sides together to the half sheet.
Step 3
Fold the top down to the bottom edge again and adhere a 6" square AG1199 (blue shells) to the front.
Cut a 6" x 1" strip AG1024 (gray flourish). Adhere to the page 1" from the lower edge. Rub on “Living a Charmed Life” sentiment.
Rub the flower onto a scrap of ivory cardstock paper and cut out. Adhere to the strip with a foam square.
Step 4
Cut a 6" square AG1199 (blue shells) and adhere to the bottom right on back side of 12" x 12" page.
Flip over to the front (map side) and slip the bottom left quarter of the page into a 6" x 6" page protector. Set aside.
Page 2
This page has a diagonal pocket.
Step 1
Cut a 12" x 6" piece AG1024 (gray flourish). Fold in half (left to right) to make a 6" square with the print on the outside.
Unfold and with the wrong side up, fold the upper left corner in diagonally to the centerfold. Adhere in place.
Step 2

Adhere a 6" square AG1200 (butterflies) to the right side to create the lining for the pocket. Fold the left side onto the right side to form the pocket and adhere along the lower edge.
Step 3
Cut one row of “tickets” from AG1196. Adhere diagonally just in from the edge of the pocket. Trim the ends even with the edges of the page.
Rub on the “Swooning Over” sentiment to the page or to the top of the page protector. Insert pocket in protector and set aside.
Page 3: Tag Page
This page is added into the book.
Step 1
Cut a 6 1/2 x 5" piece ivory cardstock. Score and fold 5/8" from the left edge. Use a page protector as a pattern to punch two holes in the binding edge just like you did for the cover.
Step 2
Adhere a 1" x 5" strip AG1024 (gray flourish) next to the fold. Rub on the Eiffel Tower and “J’Adore” sentiment.
Step 3
Cut one corner off diagonally to create the tag shape. Use that corner as a pattern to cut the corner on the opposite side.
Step 4
Cut off 8" of ribbon and punch a hole for the ribbon in the center of the right end and tie the ribbon in the hole. Set aside.
Page 4
This page has a “collar” fold pocket.
Step 1
Cut a 6" square AG1191 (purple flower), 1200 (butterflies), and 1197 (rust/white floral)
Step 2
Adhere the AG1191 (purple flower) and 1197 (rust/white floral) squares together back to back. Fold in half vertically.
Unfold and cut along the center fold from the top edge down 3" to the center on the page.
With the AG1191 (purple flower) side up, fold both center corners back diagonally to the outer edges. Adhere the corners in place.
Step 3
Cut a 6" row of “tickets” from AG1196. Adhere below the folded corners.
Step 4
Adhere the pocket on the sides and bottom edge to AG1200 (butterflies) square. Place in a page protector.
Step 5
Rub on “Free Spirit” sentiment on the page or the protector.
Rub the flowers on ivory paper and cut out.
Adhere to page with foam square.
Adhere a 6" square AG1192 (flower packs) to the back of AG1200 (butterflies). Place page in page protector. Set aside.
Page 5
This page has a double pocket.
Step 1
Cut a 6" x 12" piece AG1197 (rust/white floral). Fold in half to a 6" square, right side out and the fold at the bottom. Unfold and with the wrong side up, adhere a 6" square AG1192 (flower packs) to the top half to make the pocket lining.
Step 2
[Through Step 1 was as far as we could desifer the instructions for Page 5.  The steps pictured was the best I could do.  They will not always follow the instructions given by AG.   Please read through the instructions first before starting with this step.]  Fold the bottom half of the page in half again, bringing the bottom edge to the bottom of the pocket lining. Fold in half again, making four sections of 1/4 folds.
Unfold and adhere the first two sections wrong sides together.

Make a 1/4" fold at the edge then adhere the second unfolded 1/4" sections to the card along the sides. Fold the bottom first 1/4" sections up and adhere along the sides. Place in a page protector. 

[I trust you were able to creat a page you like.  There were no photos of the individual pages included with the directions.  Hope you like your beautiful book as much as I do. - Barb]

Mouse over bottom right picture to zoom

Step 3
Rub “A New Direction” onto a scrap of ivory cardstock and cut out. Adhere to page protector with foam square. Rub on butterfly. Mouse over left picture to zoom.
Back Cover
Repeat cut out instructions only from the Cover instructions. Leave Blank
Thread remaining ribbon through the holes in the pages and tie a bow on the front. Mouse over center picture to zoom
Click image for a larger picture. Click image for a larger picture.
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