Welcome to OakLeaf Acre! Our family has worked together to create this site and it is my desire that you find our Acre a friendly and fun place to be.

Scrapbooking has been a love of mine ever since the completion of my first scrapbook in 1994. It was a Golden Anniversary album for my wonderful parents. I have made numerous scrapbooks over the years including, Anniversary, Pet, Christmas, Year, Wedding, and Remembrance albums.

My love of Scrapbooking gave me the inspiration and determination to develop an online scrapbook community. In April 2002 I began work on our new website. Today, I'm happy to welcome you to OakLeaf Acre. Although our store closed in 2008 we are providing the online Anna Griffin classes we developed from 2006 to 2008.

Our Family
Let me introduce myself. My name is Barbara. I'm the owner of OakLeaf Acre. My wonderful husband says I am the matriarch and inspiration for the Acre. I have devoted full-time to creating a unique source for scrappers to share and find all things scrapping. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, scrapping, and in December 2002 I became a grandmother for the first time. I have always said, " I was born to be a grandmother".

I have had a very close and talented group of people involved in creating OakLeaf Acre... my wonderful family.

Larry, my husband of forty one years, is a very gifted Carpenter and cabinetmaker and was responsible for the construction of the warehouse and office on the acre. His willingness to do anything necessary when called upon has been a great help in getting us up and running on time.

Amy, our oldest child, is the other scrapper in the family. She is a scrapbook consultant. As an engineer working in the aerospace industry she has had the opportunity to travel around the USA and other parts of the world. The pictures she takes on her travels, along with those of special occasions, have been turned into many scrapbooks. She is married to her college sweetheart Rick and is the mother of Eli, Grace and Noah our grandchildren.

Rob, our oldest son, is the chief designer and webmaster for the Acre. Rob has been using computers for his design work for over fifteen years and has created dozens of web sites for local as well as national businesses through his company, Quinton Chandler Advertising. Rob and his wonderful wife, Jennifer, were married in 2008 and are the proud parents of our grandaughter Kaylee and grandson Camron.

Jeff, our youngest son, is our network administrator. He is responsible for keeping the computers running smoothly and our website live. He has been working in IT for many years. Jeff and his wonderful wife Andria were married in 2008.

I must acknowledge my greatest inspiration and source of guidance, my relationship with Christ. He has made all this possible and continues to give us the strength we need and the direction for OakLeaf Acre.